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Accelerating aircraft design

version (327 KB) by Stacey Gage
Example Simulink model to support MATLAB Digest article from January 2007.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Aerospace Toolbox 1.0 and Aerospace Blockset 2.2 made it easier to model and simulate aircraft dynamics in Simulink.
The attached files contain the simulation of longitudinal dynamics of a new light aircraft design described in January 2007 MATLAB Digest article by Arkadiy Turevskiy, Stacey Gage, and Craig Buhr:

* Unzip the files into a new directory
* skyhogg3dof.mdl is a Simulink model described in the artcle
* Control_Design.mat is a file that describes control design done using Simulink Control Design
* skyhogg3dof_slwebview.html is a web view of the model

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Stacey Gage (2021). Accelerating aircraft design (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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vikky kumar



I tried to run this simulation, but an error occurred on 3DOF(Body axes)block and it caused by "index exceeds matrix dimensions". How can I solve this problem? thank you


Is there a 2013 version of this. I have been trying to run it and there are a lot of issues due to it being written for MATLAB R2006b and me using R2013b

Sajit Fekri

Great! it was very instructive! many thanks

davood asadi

Duc An Pham

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