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Airfoil Analyzer

version (2.09 MB) by J. Divahar
Small but essential tool for all Aerospace Engineers and Scientists.


Updated 10 Nov 2006

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This Airfoil Analyzer tool is mainly intended to be useful in analyzing and comparing the airfoils' geometrical features and in quick plotting of airfoils . Airfoil Analyzer will be useful in the following the ways,

► Upto 3 airfoils can be ploted together in the plot area to compare the geometrical features and the similarities among them can be analyzed and explored .
► Leading edge radius, trailing edge cusp angle, camber line distribution, maximum camber & its location, and maximum thickness & its location, which are the important technical features of airfoils, can be computed from the airfoil coordinate data files and plotted.
► For panel method analysis and other methods, aifoils can be examined for mesh details.
► Airfoils can be quickly plotted at just selection.

Salient Features

● Total of 1550 Airfoils' coordinate files are provided under classified folders with the Airfoil Analyzer.
● Line style, Marker style, Line width and color of the next plot can be set through the "Properties Settings for Next Plot" tab. A small preview region is also provided.
● Dynamically one can change the folder to be read, where the data files are residing just by clicking the "Change Airfoil Data Folder" button.
● Well Customization is made possible through the controls in "Properties Settings for Next Plot" and "Current View Options" tabs.
● Automatic focusing is done while viewing the leading edge circle and trailing edge cusp angle so that continuous and repeated zoom and pan operations are eliminated.
● In the title bar of the Airfoil Analyzer's window, the no. of data files in the current folder is displayed.
● All of these are kept in an attractive and user friendly Graphical User Interface.

Airfoil Analyzer was well utilized by the author for inspecting the coordinates and compare the results of the data files while developing the code for "Panel Method Based 2-D Potential Flow Simulator"

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J. Divahar (2022). Airfoil Analyzer (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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