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LeCroy Oscilloscopes - MATLAB Instrument Driver

version (19.7 KB) by The Instrument Control Team
MATLAB instrument driver for LeCroy oscilloscopes such as SDA, WaveMaster, WavePro, and WaveRunner


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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MATLAB is a software environment and programming language used to configure and control instruments such as oscilloscopes, filter signals, make measurements, analyze data, and build test systems.
MATLAB supports LeCroy oscilloscopes through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This MATLAB instrument driver is for use with Instrument Control Toolbox v2.4.1 and higher.

This is a standalone MATLAB instrument driver that does not require any additional instrument drivers to operate.

Try using this driver if a MATLAB instrument driver for your specific LeCroy oscilloscope is not available. Note: This is a basic MATLAB instrument driver and not specific to any specific oscilloscope model. It is expected to work on newer LeCroy oscilloscope models including scopes from the SDA, WaveMaster, WavePro, and WaveRunner Series. However, this driver has not been tested on all LeCroy oscilloscopes.

We would appreciate feedback on this instrument driver. Please provide feedback using the submission reviews feature on this page. Please include what instrument model you used with this driver.

For additional information on MATLAB instrument drivers visit the Instrument Control Toolbox product page:

For information on using MATLAB with LeCroy oscilloscopes, visit:

To download a Getting Started Guide for using MATLAB with your LeCroy oscilloscopes, visit

NOTE: Some browsers may render the driver file rather than saving the file to disk. If this occurs, select "Save As..." from the File menu of your browser to save the driver data to a local file.

Comments and Ratings (20)

Lars Aeschlimann

Hi there!

I'm using an HDO 6054A-MS and I have the same problem with the loss of resolution. I'm able to read the data into Matlab, but it's not usable. Is there any fix for this issue yet? Thank's for the response!


Hi all,

Did anybody solve the issue of loss of resolution? same for me, I have an HDO 4032 and the saved waveform look very sad. At least connectivity works fine for me.

Nikolay Smagin

This driver permits to read waveforms only in int8 format.


if I want to change the mode of oscilloscopes from 'real time' to 'roll', how can I write the Code? I have tried, but it does not work.

Gregor Hofferbert

If you are interrested I can provide a modified driver supporting downloading waveform data in Word format. This is not yet an official driver but works as expected.


Daniel Marquardt

referring to Danielle Brajes comment from 2013.
Is there any possibility to increase the precision of downloaded waveforms?
Otherwise this driver is unfortunately not usably for me.


Danielle Braje

This downloads data as 8 byte rather that 16 WORD. For O-scopes with higher resolution, bits of precision are lost in the transfer.

Hans Segers

I have been using this driver for the Wavesurfer 104Xs-A. At apparently random times we could not connect to it. The problem was in the wrong buffersize for TCPIP at connect time. This is calculated dynamicaly, and is dependent on the settings of the scope. Our solution was to fix the TCP buffersize to 10 Mbytes in the connect function in the initialization and cleanup.

original code
set(interface, 'InputBufferSize', bufferSize);
set(interface, 'OutputBufferSize', bufferSize);

new code
set(interface, 'InputBufferSize', 1000000);
set(interface, 'OutputBufferSize', 1000000);

Depending on your hardware you may even need larger buffers.

yiming ding

I use the Lecroy wave runner 6100A, but there is a error using is that icgroup invoke reference to non-existent field 'wd'

how to solve it ?


This is a nice item, however I notice the max InputBufferSize is less than the largest scope waveform size (48MS). Hence I can't seem to download largest files possible. Is this hardware limitation or due to Matlab driver code?

BTW, would be nice to step through drive code in debug mode to see where fails occur, and not have so much "Private Evaluation" when I can clearly see the code anyway in Instr.Driver.Editor (or just by opening .mdd file in text editor).

Phillip Anderson

this was working well for a while, but now i'm getting all the same errors report by others (specifically the header error when i try to connect, and the wd error when i try to read a waveform). i'm not sure what changed in my setup that caused these problems to arise. very frustrating though.

using the waverunner 204MXi and instrument control toolbox version 2.5

marta Csatari

I have downloaded this file, but instead of getting an mdd file as I expected I got it in xml format. Can anyone tell me how do I use this as a driver or convert it to mdd?

Stanislav Lokshin

My scope WaveAce 102 has only USB connection. Does MatLab support USB connection with LeCroy scopes?


Works most of the time, but theres *no* documentation, and I get a lot of random timeouts and errors. And there are a *lot* of different errors. I've seen at least the following:

"non-existent field 'wd'"
"no appriopriate method property of field supportOutput for class"
Something about string formatting (wtf?)
Something about the header not being 8 bytes long.
Generic timeouts - didn't receive any data. This also happens when connecting a lot.

In all cases the solution is to disconnect and try again. Buggy doesn't begin to describe it...

Fabrizio Mezzetti

How do I do to connect my LeCroy oscilloscope waverunner 104xi for read waveform, with Simulink blokset "query instrument"? Thank you

Fabrizio Mezzetti

I try this driver with the WaveRunne 104xi and i had any problems: sometime, when I try to read oscilloscope waveform, I recive this error:
icgroup.invoke at 90 Reference to non-existent field 'wd'
Can you help me, please?

giuseppe liberti

pippo caiio


Matthew Willis

This driver works terrific for Windows machines--it is much appreciated.

[However, it does not appear to work on Linux machines, which is too bad--I have been trying to keep my MatLab scripts platform independent, so that I can toggle between Windows and Linux computers with MatLab as the portability crutch. Must be some hardware discrepancy when it comes to TCP/IP? Not sure.]

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Created with R2006b
Compatible with any release
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