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version 1.1 (3.59 KB) by Sean Bone
A simple parser for JSON with Comments written in MATLAB


Updated 2 Mar 2022

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JSON+C parsing for MATLAB

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This package offers some simple functions to handle JSON+C (JSON with comments) in a MATLAB script.

  • jsonc.removeJSONComments removes JavaScript-style comments from the string (or char array) you give it as argument.
  • jsonc.jsoncDecode is a wrapper for MATLAB's native jsondecode. It filters the string you give it though jsonc.removeJSONComments before passing it to jsondecode.
  • jsonc.jsonEncode is a wrapper for MATLAB's native jsonencode. This tries to use the PrettyPrint option if it is supported (which depends on your MATLAB version).

The demo.m script shows example usage.

>> demo
Original string:
	// One-line comment
	"foo": "bar", // One-line comment at end of line
		Multiline comment
	"singleLinerInString": "//",
	"multilinerInString": "/*",
	"*/": "baz"

String without comments:

	"foo": "bar", 

	"singleLinerInString": "//",
	"multilinerInString": "/*",
	"*/": "baz"

recoveredData = 

  struct with fields:

                    foo: 'bar'
    singleLinerInString: '//'
     multilinerInString: '/*'
                    x__: 'baz'

Data re-encoded to JSON:
  "foo": "bar",
  "singleLinerInString": "//",
  "multilinerInString": "/*",
  "x__": "baz"

But why?

The JSON standard does not allow for comments. However, it is often convenient to allow for them when using JSON as a markup language for configuration files and the likes. Hence the need for the not-quite-official JSON+C variant.

Although there is already a similar implementation on the MATLAB file exchange, that relies on an external JSON parser and requires you to compile it with MEX for your target platform(s). This is a much more lightweight alternative implemented in "vanilla" MATLAB.

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Sean Bone (2022). matlab-json-c (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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