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read tiff files, including stacks with info


Updated 13 Apr 2006

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Reads 8,16,32 bits uncompressed grayscale and some color tiff files, as well as parts or full stacks of multiple images, for example those produced by metamorph. The image as well as the meta-data is returned. The entire TIFF standard is not supported, but tiffread may be extended by modifying its code.

Derived versions, to read Zeiss LSM files or Metamorph info should be available on:

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francois nedelec (2021). tiffread2.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (14)


Haiwei Chai


Molly Rossow


Is there any function as savetiff to save Zeiss LSM files from matlab workspace?

Thank for any suggestions.


very helpful!

youssef youssef

Keith Carney

Thank-you so much....couldn't figure out a quick way to index Metamorph .STK files.

mic sch

tiff type 7 not supported

Pooya S

Helped a lot - Thanks ...

John Stevens

Thank you Francois. I had been stuck on this for a long time.

Tiago Branco

I also used this to open .stk files and it works just perfectly!! Well done and thanks a lot!

Anand J

I was looking for a 32-bit tiff reader. No other software was able to read it. This did the job for me. Thanks!!

Ken Campbell

I used this to open a Metamorph *.stk file and the code worked exactly as I hoped it would. It saved me a lot of extra work. Thanks Francois.

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