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On the main computer you use for MATLAB, how much RAM is installed?

<= 6 GB
7–12 GB
13–22 GB
23–46 GB
47–90 GB
>= 91 GB
15925 votes

Josh on 18 Aug 2023
When evaluating these responses, please remember that Mathworks products aren't the only software running on the machine. Further, I would like to use the RAM on my machine to do data analysis of increasingly large problems. I don't want to use the RAM on my machine to support increasingly bloated software.
Fahim on 28 Jul 2023
nice mathlab
Shubham on 18 Jul 2023
Nice question
J-Bern on 5 Jul 2023

I have installed 16 GB of RAM in dual Channel 3200 MHZ, my sistem is optimized for performance, and my CPU has 8 cores and 16 threads. Nonetheless, when I'm customizing some plots, Matlab get stucked, so I check the resources usage and them I see It's consumption never surpasses 9% or CPU and 3,5% GB of RAM. Why does It happen?

Tao on 7 Jun 2023
I am using 64 G and previous 128 G. I analyze microscopic images. Sometime the stitched image can reach 10k*20k in pixel numbers, and the cache required for analysis can peak over 100 G. It is also likely my coding is bad, therefore resource intense
Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell on 13 Jun 2023 (Edited on 13 Jun 2023)
You probably just aren't using the correct approach rather than that your code is "bad". Take a look at the blocked image tools. e.g.
10k by 20k pixels isn't all that that big, though. It's under 0.5GB, no?
Justin on 25 May 2023
N/A on 9 Jun 2023
Tomas Formanek
Tomas Formanek on 29 Jun 2023
Michael on 12 Jul 2023
Dipayan Bhadra
Dipayan Bhadra on 20 Jul 2023


on 24 Jul 2023
Yuzheng on 26 Jul 2023
Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro on 24 May 2023
i wonder what the guys with > 91 are doing with matlab
Paolo Fiore
Paolo Fiore on 8 Jun 2023
Lab Server for data analysis
Mher on 3 Jun 2023
Data sciecne, server, research Lab?...
Michal on 22 May 2023
I think it would be more sensible to have the intervals start and stop at multiples of 8GB
Peter Urlings
Peter Urlings on 13 Jun 2023 (Edited on 13 Jun 2023)
That would give you 5 or 6 subclasses for what is now 1 class: 47-90 GB. I don't see why that would be necessary. Current division seems good
Simeon on 13 Jun 2023
They could've created a category 48-96 GB which has almost the same range, but start and end point are multiples of 8. Since RAM is often sold at 8 GB per module, it doesn't really make sense to use 47 and 90.
goc3 on 13 Jun 2023 (Edited on 13 Jun 2023)
The range values were roughly selected to be 1.5 times certain powers of two, since RAM is often sold in such increments (e.g., 8, 16, 32, 64 GB), and to be positioned between typical values. While RAM capacity is not always a power of two, and the range values may not be perfect, they seem to have captured the distribution fairly well. Note that polls cannot have more than six responses, or I would have included more options.
Isaac on 15 May 2023
idk, I'm on my school chromebook
N/A on 9 Jun 2023
probably 512mb then lol

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