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What is your favorite type of Cody Problem Group?

A bunch of quick, simple problems
A structured, educational set
Random miscellany
Something else
What are Problem Groups?
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Nikolaos Nikolaou
Nikolaos Nikolaou on 7 Nov 2021
 My favourite is when you gradually add layers of difficulty . Cody has grown to be an invaluable library of problems unlike anything else out there . Some of the problem groups like those made by Karl (Chemical engineering series) could even be university courses :)  
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Oct 2021 (Edited on 24 Oct 2021)

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mahesh kumar
mahesh kumar on 25 Oct 2021


Ned Gulley
Ned Gulley on 20 Oct 2021

Sometimes it's fun to go through a list of quick problems, and sometimes it's fun to dig into something new, but I always like it when there's a strong thematic connection (as opposed to a grab bag of very loosely related stuff). That way you come away feeling like you've learned something about a topic.

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