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Adam Danz
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New in R2020b: Two new marker symbols

Adam Danz on 30 Sep 2020 (Edited on 30 Apr 2021)
Latest activity Edit by Hans Scharler on 30 Apr 2021


The Matlab r2020b release introduces the new horizontal ('_') and vertical (' | ') line marker symbols that are centered around the coordinate similarly to the plus marker ('+').


See the attached Live Script to reproduce all plots in this post.


Use case example 1: Days in August 2020 that COVID-19 cases (vertical ticks) and number of tests (horizontal ticks) increased from the previous day in countries with populations greater than 100M (4 countries eliminated for incomplete data).


Use case example 2: (An alternative to stacked bar plots) Number of power outages in 2005 across regions of the USA, broken down by calendar quarters.

Isabelle Foster
Isabelle Foster on 15 Mar 2021

You explained it perfectly, thank you. You helped me deal with everything

goc3 on 30 Sep 2020

Thanks for pointing this out.

The first graphic that shows the possible markers could be improved. It currently shows the filled circle twice. Also, it doesn't show any of the unfilled shapes, though the second graphic does utilize the unfilled circle.


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