Problem 451. Is this matrix orthogonal?

Solution 73481

Submitted on 10 Apr 2012 by Srivardhini
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% test one x = orth(randn(3)); y_correct = true; assert(isequal(isOrthogonal(x),y_correct))

2   Pass
%% test two x = orth(randn(4)); y_correct = true; assert(isequal(isOrthogonal(x),y_correct))

3   Pass
%% test three x = orth(randn(5)); y_correct = true; assert(isequal(isOrthogonal(x),y_correct))

4   Pass
%% test four x=sqrt([3,1;1,1]); y_correct = false; assert(isequal(isOrthogonal(x),y_correct))

5   Pass
%% test five x = magic(6); y_correct = false; assert(isequal(isOrthogonal(x),y_correct))

{Warning: Matrix is close to singular or badly scaled. Results may be inaccurate. RCOND = 1.600321e-18.} {> In isOrthogonal at 2 In verifyCode>evaluateCode at 189 In verifyCode at 37 In fevalJSON at 14}

6   Pass
%% test six x = randn(2)+1; y_correct = false; assert(isequal(isOrthogonal(x),y_correct))

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