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Submitted on 28 May 2020
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
load patients.mat Age(55) = 12; name = string(LastName); maxAge_correct = "Robinson"; assert(isequal(find_max_age(name,Age),maxAge_correct))

old_name = 100×1 string array "Smith" "Johnson" "Williams" "Jones" "Brown" "Davis" "Miller" "Wilson" "Moore" "Taylor" "Anderson" "Thomas" "Jackson" "White" "Harris" "Martin" "Thompson" "Garcia" "Martinez" "Robinson" "Clark" "Rodriguez" "Lewis" "Lee" "Walker" "Hall" "Allen" "Young" "Hernandez" "King" "Wright" "Lopez" "Hill" "Scott" "Green" "Adams" "Baker" "Gonzalez" "Nelson" "Carter" "Mitchell" "Perez" "Roberts" "Turner" "Phillips" "Campbell" "Parker" "Evans" "Edwards" "Collins" "Stewart" "Sanchez" "Morris" "Rogers" "Reed" "Cook" "Morgan" "Bell" "Murphy" "Bailey" "Rivera" "Cooper" "Richardson" "Cox" "Howard" "Ward" "Torres" "Peterson" "Gray" "Ramirez" "James" "Watson" "Brooks" "Kelly" "Sanders" "Price" "Bennett" "Wood" "Barnes" "Ross" "Henderson" "Coleman" "Jenkins" "Perry" "Powell" "Long" "Patterson" "Hughes" "Flores" "Washington" "Butler" "Simmons" "Foster" "Gonzales" "Bryant" "Alexander" "Russell" "Griffin" "Diaz" "Hayes"

Assertion failed.

2   Fail
name = ["Renee" "Melanie" "Katrina" "Ethan"]; age = [23 27 19 13]; maxAge_correct = "Melanie"; assert(isequal(find_max_age(name,age),maxAge_correct))

old_name = 1×4 string array "Renee" "Melanie" "Katrina" "Ethan"

Assertion failed.

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