Problem 44852. Mean number of letters per word (Easy)

Solution 2077969

Submitted on 3 Jan 2020 by Nikolaos Nikolaou
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
filetext = fileread('your_fcn_name.m'); assert(isempty(strfind(filetext,'eval'))) assert(isempty(strfind(filetext,'echo'))) assert(isempty(strfind(filetext,'switch')))

2   Pass
assert(isequal(your_fcn_name('Hello world'),5.000))

C = 1×2 cell array {'Hello'} {'world'} a = 5

3   Pass
assert(isequal(your_fcn_name('The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'),3.889))

C = 1×9 cell array {'The'} {'quick'} {'brown'} {'fox'} {'jumps'} {'over'} {'the'} {'lazy'} {'dog'} a = 3.8890

4   Pass
assert(isequal(your_fcn_name('Another one bites the dust'),4.400))

C = 1×5 cell array {'Another'} {'one'} {'bites'} {'the'} {'dust'} a = 4.4000

5   Pass
assert(isequal(your_fcn_name('Antidisestablishmentarianism is the longest nonscientific word in the English language'),7.700))

C = 1×10 cell array {'Antidisestablis…'} {'is'} {'the'} {'longest'} {'nonscientific'} {'word'} {'in'} {'the'} {'English'} {'language'} a = 7.7000

6   Pass
assert(isequal(your_fcn_name('I ate pudding'),3.667))

C = 1×3 cell array {'I'} {'ate'} {'pudding'} a = 3.6670

7   Pass
assert(isequal(your_fcn_name('I hate pudding'),4.000))

C = 1×3 cell array {'I'} {'hate'} {'pudding'} a = 4