Problem 1896. Index one element in each vector of an array along a given dimension

Solution 2242331

Submitted on 28 Apr 2020
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for a = 1:30 ndms = ceil(rand(1) * 5) + 1 sz = 1 + ceil(rand(1, ndms) * 10); A = rand(sz); sz1 = sz(1); sz(1) = 1; I = ceil(rand(sz) * sz1); B = reshape(A(I(:)+(0:sz1:numel(A)-1)'), size(I)); p = randperm(ndms); A = permute(A, p); I = permute(I, p); B = permute(B, p); assert(isequal(dimsel(A, I), B)); end

ndms = 6

Error using permute ORDER must have at least N elements for an N-D array. Error in dimsel (line 2) aa=permute(A,[2,1,3]) Error in Test1 (line 13) assert(isequal(dimsel(A, I), B));

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