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Freshly (re)installed MatLab R2021A error message upon startup

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My newly (re) installed matlab R2021A drops this error message whenever I start it, and plot commands do not work. Can someone help me how to resolve?
Many thanks!
Warning: The following error was caught while executing 'internal.hotplug.EventSource' class destructor:
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
Error in internal.hotplug.EventSource/stop (line 74)
Error in internal.hotplug.EventSource/delete (line 57)
Error in internal.hotplug.EventSource (line 37)
Error in internal.deviceplugindetection.Manager (line 173)
obj.USBDetectorObject = internal.hotplug.EventSource();
Error in internal.deviceplugindetection.Manager.getInstance (line 246)
devicePluginManagerInstance = internal.deviceplugindetection.Manager();
> In internal.hotplug.EventSource (line 37)
In internal.deviceplugindetection.Manager (line 173)
In internal.deviceplugindetection/Manager/getInstance (line 246)
Error: File: class.m Line: 1 Column: 1
At least one END is missing. The statement beginning here does not have
a matching end.
Error in setdiff>setdiffR2012a (line 189)
if ~strcmpi(class(a),class(b))
Error in setdiff (line 111)
[varargout{1:nlhs}] = setdiffR2012a(varargin{:});
Error in matlab.lang.makeUniqueStrings (line 108)
stringsToProtect =
Error in matlab.internal.json.makeStructure (line 42)
names = matlab.lang.makeUniqueStrings(names, 1:numel(names),
Error in matlab.visualize.task.internal.utils.getJSONMetadataFromFiles
Error in

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 4 Aug 2021
From matlab command line window, type
which class.m
The error complains about class.m
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Peter Varkonyi
Peter Varkonyi on 4 Aug 2021
Thank you for your help! I understand now that there was a file class.m in my computer that caused a conflict with the built-in file with the same name. After removing this file, the problem is resolved!

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