converting index to coordinates(row,col) is giving me error

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Apologies in advance for asking so many questions,switching to matlab after 8 years
so I have an image of dimension 146x211 matrix,after some processing I get a struct and one of the structure's entry is position.
the position has weird values like 12744,13473 etc.
Now we need to convert it to [row,col],so I want to find out which row and column corresponds to 13473 etc.
I have included the image and strucutre for reference purposes.
running ind2sub like this
>> [row,col]=ind2sub(12744,sz);
gives col [1,1] and row[146,211] which is not correct because there is only one entry corresponding to 12744 in the edges.position not 2.But acc to this there is [146,1] and [211,1].

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2021

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