Efficiently accesing cell entries

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So let's say I have a NXN cell each entry in the cell is int itself a cell.For example
B is a 23x23 cell and B{1,1} is a 2x2 cell that stores the x and y coordinates for the pixel shown in the image
The first grid on the top left 's pixel coordinates are represented by B{1,1}.
I would like to know how can I access the entries properly.
I have enclosed 2 mat files one is the B cell,the other is X0 which is an entry inside B(1,1).
X0 is a 2x2 cell where each entry tells us the X and Y coordinates of the pixel.So X0 (1,1) is 1,1 which is the location of pixel 255 in the original image.
Any tips will be appreciated.
PS using matlab after pretty long time,so that's why the questions

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Matt J
Matt J on 2 Aug 2021
Edited: Matt J on 2 Aug 2021
I have enclosed 2 mat files
I see no attachments, so you probably forgot to click 'Submit'. In any case, your data organization sounds worrisomely awkward. It is usually a good idea to use cell arrays only for things that vary in size. Nevertheless, you can access nested cells using successions of brace indexing operations, e.g.,

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