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Somthing wrong with SOM Toolbox

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Chen Liying
Chen Liying on 31 Jul 2021
Commented: Chen Liying on 31 Jul 2021
Hi, I am working with somtoolbox2_Mar_17_2005 to classify example Iris. As described in instructor, I have input the code as follows:
%make the data
sD = som_read_data('');
sD = som_normalize(sD, 'var');
%make the SOM
sM = som_make(sD);
sM = som_autolabel(sM, sD, 'vote');
%basic visualization,
som_show(sM,'umat', 'all', 'comp', 1:4, 'empty', 'Labels', 'norm', 'd');
However, there occured a mistake: The double value -1 cannot be converted to a handle
Error som_show (line 497)
Figure below is the part of som_show function

Accepted Answer

Rik on 31 Jul 2021
There isn't actually something wrong with the toolbox (at least with this code snippet). It is just assuming the handle to a colorbar object can be stored in a double, which is not true since R2014b.
You will either have to find/make an updated version of the code or use an older Matlab release.
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Chen Liying
Chen Liying on 31 Jul 2021
Thank you very much, your anser help me a lot!!!

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