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wmulden function exact algorithm

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Emiliano Rosso
Emiliano Rosso on 13 Jul 2021
I am trying to understand how exactly the algorithm of the "wmulden" function works.
I studied Aminghafari, M .; Cheze, N .; Poggi, J-M. (2006), "Multivariate de-noising using wavelets and principal component analysis,"
provided in the wmulden reference. The book offers 3 methods to integrate DWT & PCA of which the 2nd & 3rd are clearly superior.
On the other hand, Multivariate Wavelet Denoising easily lends itself to various types of engineering solutions and therefore is not
sure that one of the 3 algorithms has been used precisely.
Is it possible to go back to the precise logic algorithm of wmulden function without resorting to the function tree?
Thank you.

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