how to find match using strfind from 2 different dataset sizes

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I currently have 2 sets of data and I am trying to find a match based off of it's name. For example in data1 it contains apple, banana, orange, pear,etc and data 2 contains apple-1, apple-2, apple-3, banana-1, banana-2, banana-3, orange, pear-1, pear-2, etc. Ultimately, I would like to write a script to match for example apple with apple-1, apple-2, apple-3 etc and print out the corresponding data:
Col 1 column 2
apple apple-1
apple apple-2
apple apple-3
banana banana-1
banana banana-2
banana banana-3
orange orange
pear pear-1
pear pear-2
I have the following code:
[nRows,~]=size (data2); % 6204x13 matrix
[nRows2,]=size (id); %258x1 matrix
for i=2:nRows
temp4=strfind (id,data2.SAMPLEID{i});
ind= find(~isempty(temp4),1,'first');
for n=1:nRows2
if ind ==1
% if ~isempty(ind{n});
temp3= id{i};

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 20 Sep 2013
Edited: Andrei Bobrov on 20 Sep 2013
d1 = {'apple'; 'orange';'banana'; 'pear'}
d2 = {'apple-1'; 'pear-1'; 'apple-2';'banana-3'; 'orange'; 'apple-3'; 'banana-1';'banana-2'; 'pear-2'}
[v,iii] = sort(d2);
p = strcat(d1(1:end-1),{'|'});
p = strcat([p{:}],d1{end});
pp = regexp(d2,p,'match');
pp = cat(1,pp{:});
[~,ij] = ismember(pp,d1);
dd1 = d1(ij);
out = [dd1(iii),v]
andrew on 23 Sep 2013
great this works I have another question? along with that i have d3 ={'red','green','yellow',orange'} how do i get it to match it with d1 and d2?
Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 26 Sep 2013
d3 ={'red';'orange';'yellow';'green'}
color1 = d33(iii)

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Jan on 19 Sep 2013
"Col 1", "column 2", "data1", "data 2", "data2", "id" - I've lost the overview.
nRows concerns the size of the array data2. But the loop for i=1:nRows affects data2.SAMPLEID{i}. Perhaps you want data2(i).SAMPLEID or data2{i}.SampleID.
You have explained ropughly, what you want to achieve and posted some code. It is hard to recognize the relation between these two information. What is the actual question? Does the code run? Do you get any errors or unwanted results?
andrew on 19 Sep 2013
i am getting an error message that says index exceeds matrix
Jan on 20 Sep 2013
Please post the line of code and a copy of the complete error message. There is no chance that we can guess the reason of the problem.

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