How to use a for loop using contourfmap method ?

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S Ch
S Ch on 25 Jun 2021
Edited: S Ch on 25 Jun 2021
I used the contourfcmap and I directly chose the number of levels I want, unfortunately I'm struggling to do a loop of 100 images using this method ! anyone can help me please?
To explain the problem, I have 100 matrices in a folder (each matrix is an image that I want to contourfmap) and after that save them in a folder as images with the colors I chose in contourfmap. Is this possible ?
This is my code:
for i = 1:N
%names is the char name of all matrices
if i < 10
names(i,:) = strcat("X_t0000",string(i),".mat");
names(i,:) = strcat("X_t000",string(i),".mat");
% A = eval(names);%(i,:)) ;
%After that I didn't know how to use names so I change to this follows:
Data= load(F(i).name);; %iside each matrix there is matrix named 'data'
h1 = contourfcmap(v,x,z,[0.1 0.33],jet(1),[.1 .1 .1], [.9 .9 .9], 'eastoutside')
d = h1.c
export_fig(fullfile(Folder, sprintf('%05d.png', i)))
%%% Here I had only one image appeared I think the last one.
% imwrite(d,fullfile(Folder, sprintf('%05d.png', i)))
% A = cat(3,names); %Here I wanted to concatenate the 100 matrices into
% one like 2048x2048x100 but I didn't succed
If it isn't clear please tell me to explain more. Thank you in advance.

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