subplot response plots of regression models in the regression learner app

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I am using the regression learner app to train a selection of different models on my data. I just want to plot the response plots of different models as subplots in one customized figure.
I know I can "Export plot to figure" but I can just edit this figure and save it. I don't want to save these figures individually and combine them later in one figure.
Can I export the figure data of each model and use it later to plot them combined in one figure using a "subplot" code?
Ameen Bassam
Ameen Bassam on 21 Jun 2021
Many thanks for your effor as I couldn't find it before.
This answer could help.

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Accepted Answer

Ameen Bassam
Ameen Bassam on 21 Jun 2021
As @dpb mentioned, the trained model can be extracted to the workspace. Then, using the raw data and 'predictFcn' function, the predicted value can be available on the workspace. Finally, I can use my plot code to plot and supblot as much as I can with full flexibility.
Thanks again @dpb

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