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Subset and nanmean of a three dimensional array to a have a 2d array 1xndim

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Hi, I am very new to matlab and I need your help.
I have a 3d array 609x881x348 being lonxlatxtime of sst data.
I need to subset to a specific location, calculate mean (nanmean) and reshape this array in order to have a final 1x348 array, so having the nanmean of a subset of data in that specif area of interest for 348 time period.
So far I did this:
s1pos = (lon>=12 & lon<=16 & lat>=76 & lat<=77); %609x881 logical of zeros and ones
pt_lev(:,:,1) = nanmean(pt_lev8(s1pos));
But it doesn't give what am I looking for...
Hope the question is clear.
Thank you very much!!!

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 17 Jun 2021
final = mean(pt_lev8(s1pos,:),1,'omitnan')

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