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none of the axes interactions are working in axes embedded in a UIFigure panel

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Anton Semechko
Anton Semechko on 16 Jun 2021
Edited: Anton Semechko on 16 Jun 2021
Problem: The interactions of an axes object embeded in a UIFigure panel are not working. The interactions I am trying to add to the axes are rulerPanInteraction('Dimensions','y'), panInteraction('Dimensions','y'), and zoomInteraction('Dimensions','y'). However, during troubleshooting I found that none of the other interactions are working either.
Question: Has anyone else encountered this problem when building their apps? And if so, do you know what is causing the problem and how to resolve it?
Addtional info:
  • The reason I am using axes and not uiaxes in my app is because 'linkaxes' functionality is not supported for the latter; and my app has two axes whose XLim properties must be synched.
  • Immediately after creating the axes, I enabled its interactivity using the 'enableDefaultInteractivity' function
  • I verified that the pan and zoom interaction in the axes toolbar (when enabled) are working just fine, but they do not produce the behaviour I need
  • Matlab version: R2020a - uptade 6
Any input on this matter would be highly appeciated. Thank you in advance!

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