how to make 3d array by stacking 2d arrays from sentinel 5p data?

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I have 36 different netcdf files for one month. Every file contains an array of 215x3245 size. Now i want to make an 3d array of size 36x215x3245 using those 36 different files. I could not upload the files as those are really big files. I can provide the code for doing this thing :
files = dir('S5P_OFFL_L2__CH4____201901*.*');
for j = 1:36
hello(i,:,:) = ncread(files(i).name,'/PRODUCT/methane_mixing_ratio');
I have the file name type in the first line. Total 36 files are there with this name. Now in every file the variable '/PRODUCT/methane_mixing_ratio' has a size of 215x3245. Now I want to stack all these 36 files using loop. How can I do that? Thank you.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 15 Jun 2021
Edited: the cyclist on 15 Jun 2021
You are looping over the wrong dimension in your code. You want something like this:
files = dir('S5P_OFFL_L2__CH4____201901*.*');
% Preallocate the large array
hello = zeros(215,3245,36);
% Fill in each "slice" along the 3rd dimension
for j = 1:36
hello(:,:,j) = ncread(files(i).name,'/PRODUCT/methane_mixing_ratio'); % Note that I shifted j to the third position
SWARNENDU PAL on 15 Jun 2021
Thank you sir. You were right. The 8th file had a different dimension. One thing, can you give some way to recover from this situation?
the cyclist
the cyclist on 15 Jun 2021
Obviously, we cannot know why one of your input files has an extra column. That is something you'll need to figure out.
After you figure that out, it is easy to delete a single column from an array, if that is the solution:
% Define a random input
rng default
A = rand(4,3)
A = 4×3
0.8147 0.6324 0.9575 0.9058 0.0975 0.9649 0.1270 0.2785 0.1576 0.9134 0.5469 0.9706
% Delete the 2nd column:
A(:,2) = []
A = 4×2
0.8147 0.9575 0.9058 0.9649 0.1270 0.1576 0.9134 0.9706

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