How to take mean of integers value?

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I want to take mean of 5 column. How can I ? please find the attachment of the data.
vimal kumar chawda
vimal kumar chawda on 13 Jun 2021
Column is the z axis and the instruments is rectangel , I am finding out the inclination and mean of inclination at each & every step. Does mean will affect any way to my final/mean inclination? Just visualise it.

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Accepted Answer

Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie on 12 Jun 2021
Edited: Scott MacKenzie on 12 Jun 2021
You need to use braces because your data are in a table:
If it's just the integer values you want the mean of (as suggested in your question title), then
intLogical = mod(LSinclination{:,5},1)==0

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