Formating all values of a structure field

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Is there a syntax for applying a format to all vlues of a given field in a structure array(without a loop)? E.g. I have a structure array with multiple fields, and 1 field has values which are all Datetimes. While I can format individual value.field pairs, I have not stumbled onto a syntax for applying that formatting to all values in that field without looping though the structure.
MyStruct(N).DateTimeField.Format = %preferred format
works, but my attempted expansions throw faults:
MyStruct.DateTimeField.Format = %preferred format
Fault: "Scalar structure required for this assingment"
MyStruct(:).DateTimeField.Format = %preferred format
Fault: "Expected one output from a curly braces or dot indexing expression, but there were [number of Values] results."
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Jan on 10 Jun 2021
Whenever you mention an error in the forum, share the message with the readers. Some reader can guess, what the message is, but you do have this important information on the screen already.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 10 Jun 2021
No, you cannot access nested fields of a struct array in Matlab directly. You need a loop.

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