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pleas, how can I solve this problem ? how can I plot these signals ?

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Consider the following signals:
x1(t) = sin(10*pi*t ) , x2(t)=(1/3) sin(30*pi* t) , x3(t) = ( 1/5) sin(50* pi * t )
Generate and plot x1(t) for one period , Generate and plot xb(t)=x1(t)+x2(t) for one period , Generate and plot xc(t)=x1(t)+x2(t) +x3(t) for one period. (Show all the results on one figure using subplot)
Determine, using Matlab plots, if the generated signals are periodic or not.
Rama a
Rama a on 4 Jun 2021
it is my first time to work in matlab ... I just watched one hour video about ploting signals .. and I really dont know how to solve this problem above .. I dont have time to learn because I have many other problems to solve .. I asked about this problem to have an idea how to solve the other same problems
In our university we take signals course they dont teach us anything about coding on matlab .. we dont use matlab and we dont plot signals on it yet.. we just solve problems in papers ...
but they gave us an assignment to plot signals in matlab and I really dont Know what to do
pleas help me in this problem si I could solve other ones like it !
and thank you

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