Find indices of matching date times

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I have 2 tables containing a column datetime. How can I find the first DateTime of table A in table B?
So if Table B contains 20 DateTimes. How can I find the index of the matching datetime from table A?

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Accepted Answer

Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala on 7 Jun 2021
You can refer to the following piece of code
s1 = {'2014-07-28' ; '2014-06-29' ; '2014-07-30'};
s2 = {'2014-08-01' ; '2014-07-30' ; '2014-07-9'};
t1 = datetime(s1,'InputFormat','yyyy-MM-dd')
t2 = datetime(s2,'Format','yyyy-MM-dd')
[logical_Index ,index] = ismember(t2,t1)

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