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how to concatnate cells within a column

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andrew on 14 Aug 2013
i have a column of cells that i would like to group/concatnate into one row for example:
Carboplatin & pemetrexed maintenance pemetrexed docetaxel
should become this: Carboplatin & pemetrexed||maintenance pemetrexed||Docetaxel
how do i do this without having to manually input the following code:
a=strcat (data2.REGIMEN{1},'||',data2.REGIMEN{2},'||',data2.REGIMEN{3});
Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 14 Aug 2013
Can you provide a short example with expected result?
andrew on 14 Aug 2013
for example column contains{5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14...etc} and
outcome should be in one cell {5,6,7}, {8,9,10,11},

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Answers (2)

dpb on 14 Aug 2013
Edited: dpb on 15 Aug 2013
for i=2:length(d.reg)
s=strcat(s,['||' char(d.reg(i))]);
Adding the "||" made trying to use comma list a pita in any way I could think of otomh, anyways...

F. on 14 Aug 2013
I think you should try this:
% code
strcat( sprintf( '%s||', Data2 .REGIMEN{1:end-1} ) , Data2.REGIMEN{end} )
% code
Tmp = strcat( Data2 .REGIMEN(1:end-1), '||' );
strcat( [ Tmp{:} ] , Data2.REGIMEN{end} )


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