How to remove NaN value from front part (first column) of raw matrices.

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I have multiple files that contain row matrices. Some of the row metrics starts with number and some starts with missing value (NaN).
What I need is the row matrices to start with a number (the number have to be the one which comes after removing the all the NaN values that preceding it)
For instance x = [NaN NaN 89 87 45 90 NaN 100 52 Nan]
The returned x_new has to be x = [ 89 87 45 90 NaN 100 52 NaN]. NaN in the middle or end of the row remains as it was.
In addition the algorithm has to skip the file that contains row data which begins with number. I have attached the files
Thank you for all our contribution in advance

Accepted Answer

Jonas on 28 May 2021
Edited: Jonas on 28 May 2021
can't check your files at the moment, but it should be something like that:
for fileNr=1:6
load(['S' num2str(fileNr)],'x')
if ~isnan(x(1))
x(1)=[]; % first NaN removal
while isnan(x(1)) % if there are more NaN entries at the beginning
% do stuff with your clean vector

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