comparison the data and ploting it

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Muhammad on 27 May 2021
Commented: Muhammad on 27 May 2021
i have these arrays in work space
names 332*2 cell
daily_cases 332*430 double
note :
names include countries names in first column and states in 2nd column
daily_cases indclude daily covid cases
important ; for example 'canada ' is located in location (1;20) in names cell and its data is located in 'daily_cases' at same location (1;20)
i want the function which take random country name as input the make the plot of dailycases vs country name
function(country, names,dailycases)
it should be generic so that it plot the data of any country which i enter while calling

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Jan on 27 May 2021
Edited: Jan on 27 May 2021
function ShowCases(country, names, dailycases)
index = any(strcmpi(names, country), 2); % 1st or 2nd column
if any(index)
plot(dailycases(index, :));
fprintf(2, 'No matching country found for: "%s"\n', country);
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Muhammad on 27 May 2021
index that is in line 2 has double format
i want it in array want
index{..........} so how can i

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