plotting normal vector in 3d

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Jack_111 on 30 Jul 2013
I have three points P0=[x0,y0,z0], P1=[x1,y1,z1] P2=[x2,y2,z2] and I want to calculate the normal out of them what I did is
normal = cross(P0-P1, P0-P2);
and then I wanted to plot the normal so what I did is,
c = normal + P0 %end position of normal vector
quiver3(P0(1), P0(2), P0(3), c(1), c(2), c(3)); but it didn't work any suggestions please

Accepted Answer

Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig on 30 Jul 2013
doc quiver3
Jack_111 on 1 Aug 2013
Thank you for your support

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