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How to add mouseover in GUI

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Chandra Shekhar
Chandra Shekhar on 8 Jul 2013
I have created a GUI using guide, there are multiple pushbuttons in the GUI.
If i put my mouse pointer over the any pushbutton in GUI, then it has to display description in small box about that pushbutton.
Is it possible to add mouseover message for each pushbutton in GUI.
Please any one suggest me how to do this.
Thanks in advance.


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Answers (1)

Jan on 8 Jul 2013
Edited: Jan on 8 Jul 2013
Do you know the 'TooltipString' property already?
uicontrol('Style', 'Pushbutton', 'String', 'Hello', ...
'TooltipString', ['This is the Tooltip string!', char(10), ...
'And a 2nd line also.']);


Chandra Shekhar
Chandra Shekhar on 8 Jul 2013
Thanks for giving answer Mr. Jan Simon,
I got the simple way of displaying mouseover event. this is the code i used
s = sprintf('Button tooltip line 1\nButton tooltip line 2');
Jan on 8 Jul 2013
And this looks fine. Using SPRINTF('\n') is equivalent to inserting the CHAR(10) manually. Does it work as expected and is the problem solved now?
Frank van Diggelen
Frank van Diggelen on 16 Mar 2018
How do you do this for a button created in appdesigner? It looks like appdesigner buttons dont have Tooltipstring property:
set(app.buttonGetFile,'TooltipString','This is the mouseover string')
Error using matlab.ui.control.Button/set
There is no TooltipString property on the Button class.

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