How to reconstruct the original signal using the detail coefficients in the discrete wavelet transform?

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Rasula Dias
Rasula Dias on 25 Apr 2021
Edited: Jonas on 26 Apr 2021
I want to reconstruct the signal usign only the detail or either the approximation coefficents. is this possible?

Answers (1)

Jonas on 25 Apr 2021
yes, it is possible to reconstruct using only approximation coefficients or detail coefficient. have a look into appcoeff() or detcoeff(), there are also examples in the documentation.
Jonas on 26 Apr 2021
the example in appcoeff explains how to approximate your original data with approximation coefficients only. The data shape you can see there (subplot(2,1,2))is pretty similar to the original one but without high frequency parts. the link is
if you are unhappy with the different scale feel free to rescale
if the question was if you can reconstruct the exact original data with details/approximation only, then the answer is no

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