How to change test signal in "Denoise Speech Using Deep Learning Networks"?

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Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones on 22 Apr 2021
Commented: jibrahim on 19 Oct 2021
I am able to successfully run the example "Denoise Speech Using Deep Learning Networks" without any modifications. In the section 'Test the Denoising Networks' the code currently chooses a sample from the test dataset within the Mozilla Voice dataset. I would just like to be able to choose a specific wav file that I have located on my computer as the test signal. How do I do this please?

Accepted Answer

jibrahim on 23 Apr 2021
Hi Charlotte,
You can try changing the first line of code in that section to something likeL
adsTest = audioDatastore(myfolder);
where myfolder is the folder containing your clean test signal. The rest of the section should work.
This network was trained on washine machine noise only, so I do not expect it to perform well on other types of noise. The example section uses "WashingMachine-16-8-mono-200secs.mp3" as a source of noise, but if you have another noise file, just replace the name with yours.
jibrahim on 19 Oct 2021
Hi Tom,
The file WashingMachine-16-8-mono-200secs.mp3 ships with Audio Toolbox, so it should be on your path if you have the product installed.

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