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Nominate yourself to become a member of MathWorks Community Advisory Board

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Palak Talwar
Palak Talwar on 19 Apr 2021
Answered: Rik on 19 Apr 2021
My name is Palak Talwar and I work as a Sr. Safety Engineer at Lyft, Level 5 Autonomous Division, in Palo Alto, CA. At Lyft, I lead multiple safety projects and establish Safety Gates before the autonomous vehicles can go onto public roads.
I represent Lyft as an active member of AVSC (The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium) and supported the committee with the publication of "AVSC Best Practice for First Responder Interactions with Fleet-Managed Automated Driving System-Dedicated Vehicles (ADS-DVs)".
I would like to nominate myself to become a member of MathWorks Community Advisory Board. I'm looking for some virtual engagements to expand my scope and share some insights that I've gained in my ~7 years of working in this space.
I would like to understand what steps can I take to nominate.

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Rik on 19 Apr 2021
You can find the current members of the MATLAB Central Community Advisory Board on this page.
At the bottom of that page, you can read this:
Advisor eligibility includes:
  • Makes outstanding contributions to one or more MATLAB Central communities – Answers, File Exchange, and/or Cody
  • Demonstrates good communication skills and ability to work with others
If you want to nominate yourself or someone else to become a member of our Community Advisory Board, email us.
So you should send them an email. Without any posts on Answers, Cody, or the File Exchange, I don't suspect your chances are good. I don't know if they are even looking for new members or not, I haven't heard either way lately.
If you really want to join the CAB, I would suggest you start contributing to any of the communities.

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