MATLAB Importing .dat individually to be looped for a mean plot

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I have 30 .dat files each measured at a different alpha value that have data that needs to be plugged into the pressure coefficent equation to find the mean, then plotted against the x/c value which is just another equation that has data within the .dat files. I know a for loop is possible to extract the values I need from each file individually then another one to then plug them into a certain equation then take the mean. Any help would be appreciated in how to loop data extraction for individual files. the names of the file go from alpha__6 which is alfa -6, to alpha_24, which is an alfa of 24. Thank yu.

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Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 18 Apr 2021
It is myunderstanding that you want to read more than one .dat file using for loop. Following code snippet might help.
for i =6:64
filename=['alpha__' num2str(i) '.dat'];
file= fopen(filename,'r');


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