PMSM Simscape Block - Inertia mask parameter

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Hi all! :)
I have a doubt about a mask parameter to be set in the following Simscape block ( The parameter to be set is the Combined machine and load inertia coefficient J (kg.m2) and I was wondering if it should be set considering the size as motor side or load side? It is not specified anywhere.
In particular, the rotor has its own inertia J_rotor and also an Harmonic Drive (transmission ratio k> 1) is attached to the motor, which has its own inertia J_HarmonicDrive (defined at the harmonic drive input side). I was wondering how the J mask parameter should be set. Should I pass J = J_rotor + J_HarmonicDrive (i.e. sum of motor side inertias) or J = (J_rotor + J_HarmonicDrive) / k ^ 2 (i.e. sum of load side inertias)?

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