How to extract data from fnplt plot?

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Lu Da Silva
Lu Da Silva on 10 Apr 2021
I created two plots using the fnplt function. One plot represents the chord length (c) over the radial position, the other the thickness (t) over the radial position (-> they both have the same x-axis).
The chord and thickness values are calculated via ppmak function (with breaks and coefficients):
chord = ppmak(breaks_chord,coefs_chord,1);
for i = 1:length(breaks_chord)-1
fnplt(chord,[breaks_chord(i) breaks_chord(i+1)],'k')
hold on
I need to calculate the height h = c*t and plot h against the radial position.
How can I extract the c and t values at specific x-axis values (e.g. x=10, x=20, x=30)?
The functions 'findobj' and 'get' do not work.
Thanks in advance!

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