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GUI - Default value of the radio button group

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YIMING on 21 May 2011
Suppose I have created a button groups which contains 3 radio buttons. What is the default value of this group (i.e., the value that a radio button represents), or how could I set it NULL?

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 21 May 2011
The default should be the first button created.
G = uibuttongroup;
R(1) = uicontrol(G,'style','radio',...
'pos',[10 10 40 40]);
R(2) = uicontrol(G,'style','radio',...
'pos',[10 80 40 40]);
R(3) = uicontrol(G,'style','radio',...
'pos',[10 140 40 40]);
R==get(G,'selectedobject') % Find which one is selected
set(G,'selectedob',[]) % Set to none


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