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Create Standalone Application (MATLAB Runtime)

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RonE on 2 Apr 2021
Answered: Kojiro Saito on 5 Apr 2021
Trying to make sure I understand the involvement of Matlab Runtime when creating a standalone application in Windows. The following page shows four options for creating a standalone app:
My understanding is that two of these options (Application Compiler and compiler.package.installer) install the Matlab Runtime on the user's PC. Am I correct to assume that, if the end user does not have Matlab installed, I will have to produce an installer using one of these two options? I wish the documentation would come right out and say this.

Accepted Answer

Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 5 Apr 2021
If end users have already installed the same version of MATLAB Runtime as your standalone application, just giving a standalone app to them will work. But if not, you need to create an installer for installing your standalone application and MATLAB Runtime. The easiest option is to use Application Compiler app and give the installer exe file (for example, MyAppInstaller_web.exe under for_redistribution folder) to them.
Here is additional explanation of 4 options.
  • Application Compiler: This is an App for creating standalone application with GUI interface. By clicking "Pakacge", you can find a standalone application in for_redistribution_files_only folder and an installer in for_redistribution folder. You can select whether MATLAB Runtime to be included in an installer or not (in this, users will be prompted to install MATLAB Runtime from Web during installation process).
  • This is a command line interface. This will create only a standalone app. An installer will not be included.
  • compiler.package.installer: This is a command line interface. This will creat only an installer. You need to create a standalone app before using this command.
  • mcc: This is a command line interface. This is a basic command for packaging MATLAB scripts/apps to standalone and libraries for other langulages etc. This will create only a standalone app. From R2020a, is easier options for creating a standalone app than mcc.

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