How to read an xls file in matlab which has latitude (suffixed with N), longitude (suffixed with E), time (prefixed with the month), and a value corresponding to latitude and longitude in it?

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The xls file looks like this... The first column is the longitude. I want to extract only the number from it. For example, if the array has a value of "84.375E", I want "84.375" in my corresponding array's value and so on. For the column named "time", I want to similarly extract the number (year). For example, if the cell is "Jun-Sep 1990", I want my corresponding array to have a value of "1990".
I tried to load the values myself. I tried this code:
T = readtable('Myxlsx.xlsx',2);
But I got this error:
Error using readtable (line 245)
All parameters must have an associated value.
Then I tried the xlsread command like this:
T = xlsread('Myxlsx.xlsx');
But then only the values from the fourth column got loaded but nothing from the first three columns appeared.

Accepted Answer

Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 8 Apr 2021
Edited: Monika Jaskolka on 8 Apr 2021
You can use regexprep to clean up the values:
opts = detectImportOptions('Test.xlsx', 'NumHeaderLines', 2, 'VariableNamesRange', 'A1');
T = readtable('Myxlsx.xlsx', opts);
T.Longitude = regexprep(T.Longitude, 'E$', ''); % Remove last E
T.Latitude = regexprep(T.Latitude, 'N$', ''); % Remove last N
T =
4×4 table
Longitude Latitude Time Value
_________ _________ ________________ ________
'84.375' '8.57130' 'June-Sept 1990' 9.58e-06
'86.25' '8.57130' 'June-Sept 1990' 3.14e-05
'88.125' '8.57130' 'June-Sept 1990' 7.11e-05
'90' '8.57130' 'June-Sept 1990' 7.25e-05

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