How to implement 2 vectors in a for-loop to get a matrix?

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I use a for-loop to define the profile of an airfoil. It depends on sundry factors, two of which (a and b) are variables.
In order to plot the airfoil I set random values for a and b.
However, since I need to find an airfoil with a specific thickness, I need to calculate all possible airfoil profiles and then compare thickness values until I find the requested one.
a and b should both range from 0 to 1 but I don't know how to apply that into my code... I tried making 2 vectors:
but in vain, as it resulted in a vecor instead of a matrix (it used value #1 of vector a with value #1 of vecor b, then moved to value #2(a) with value #2(b) instead of giving all possible solutions (matrix)).
Could you help me out? Should I create another 2 for-loops for a and b?

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Rik on 5 Mar 2021
Then a single for-loop will do


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