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How to change the datapoints(extracted from a curve) into an array?

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Actually, I plotted a curve in matlab and extracted all the data points. I wanted to convert them into an array for further use but I didn't find any solution. please help
for example like this:
r1 =
1.0e-07 *
Columns 1 through 12
0.0010 0.0020 0.0030 0.0040 0.0050 0.0060 0.0070 0.0080 0.0090 0.0100 0.0110 0.0120
Columns 13 through 24
0.0130 0.0140 0.0150 0.0160 0.0170 0.0180 0.0190 0.0200 0.0210 0.0220 0.0230 0.0240
and I have around 600 datapoints for a particular value. So it will be very time consuming to write it manually.
I will be very thankful if someone can look into this problem.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Mar 2021
If you plotted the curve, you should already have all the data necessary to do the plot.
What exactly did you plot, and how did you plot it? (Posting the relevant data and code would help.)
If you want to get the independent variable value from values of one or more dependent variable values, the interp1 function (or its friends) can likely make this easier.
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pooja sudha
pooja sudha on 4 Mar 2021
Actually I have two equation e.g. Y= x^2+x
and Y= sqrt(x^3+h)
So, I have collected all the data points from first equation and now I want to find h. To find h, I have to write the data points in array form.

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