Saving images to a folder

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Benjamin Currie
Benjamin Currie on 26 Feb 2021
Commented: KALYAN ACHARJYA on 26 Feb 2021
Hi, I have created a while loop to perform filtering on images and then semantic segmentation. They are over 1000 images and I am wanting to save the filtered image and segmented image seperatley into a folder. Currently i have it showing each one and then changing to the next image to be analysed. Below is my code so far (without any saving just displaying image). Z is the filtered image and R is the image after semantic segmentation. I also need to save each image as its current name, so in the 'RobotImages' folder each photo has a special name with x,y and theta values that I will be using later on for localisation. Any help is accpreciated.
S = 0;
N = 1281;
while(S < N)
I = read(RobotImages);
B = rgb2gray(I);
J = imnoise(B, "salt & pepper", 0.02);
Z = medfilt2(J);
C = semanticseg(Z, net);
R = labeloverlay(I, C, 'colormap', cmao, 'Transparency', 0.4);
S = S + 1;

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