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Compiling resampled data arrays using For loop

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I have six 20x1 cell arrays each containing a remote sensing variable resampled at 20 levels of resolution. I want to merge the six cells into a single cell array, by resolution. Thus, the output would be a cell containing twenty M x N x 6 arrays, where m and n are the same dims within each array.
There is a problem (or two) with how I am parsing outputs in my nested for loop. Thoughts?
vars = {'Cs' 'beta' 'As' 'TCI' 'TWI' 'hs'}
tmp = cell(size(dem)) % create supercell, one array per level of res
out = tmp;
tmp2 = size(vars) % create 6x1 subcells one array per variable
out2 = zeros(tmp2);
for i=1:numel(dem)
for j=1:numel(vars)
out{i} = out2(:,:,j)(Cs{i}, beta{i}, As{i}, TCI{i}, TWI{i}, hs{i});
Error: ()-indexing must appear last in an index expression.

Accepted Answer

Sam on 10 May 2013
Edited: Sam on 10 May 2013
Self-answered, for posterity...
There are V variables stored in individual cells. Each cell contains R number of m x n arrays, where R represents a level of resolution. The goal is to create an R x 1 cell containing an n x m x V array at each level of R.
Assuming each R has the same corresponding dims across all V's (true here since they were outputs of the same resampling method) this is a simple concatenation of m x n arrays to m x n x V arrays. The new dims (3 instead of 2) are specified in the first argument of cat(). There is no need to extract and parse each R into a new object.
out = cell(20,1)
for i=1:numel(dem)
out{i} = cat(3, (Cs{i}, beta{i}, As{i}, TCI{i}, TWI{i}, hs{i});
Notably, the original script...
out{i} = out2(:,:,j)(Cs{i}, beta{i}, As{i}, TCI{i}, TWI{i}, hs{i})
... also indexes into an array that was already indexed into. MATLAB doesn't support this. See related post

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