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MATLAB Parallel Server: Is there a way to speed up "Cleaning up parallel workers..."?

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SG on 8 Feb 2021
Commented: SG on 12 Feb 2021
I have a bunch of simulink model inputs which I simulate with "parsim", It is often the same model with different workspace variables (which are stored in the related simulink input object). The simulations itself are done in less than two seconds, but "Cleaning up parallel workers..." take also a couple of seconds. Since I often repeat the simulation process, "Cleaning up parallel workers..." are very time consuming and slows down the whole program. Is there a way to speed this up?
any helpful advices are really appreciated

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 11 Feb 2021
Hi Sascha,
Try off-loading your simulations bas batch jobs, so that you can actively work on MATLAB Client while the simulation is running in the background.
Refer this documentation to learn more.
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SG on 12 Feb 2021
Hi Kiran,
thanks for your advice. The problem is, my program relies on the simulation output. So I have to wait for the results every time. Is there no way to speed up the cleaning process or getting the results and clean in the background?

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