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How to use 'SI Psychrometric Chart' File exchange library?

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Hi everyone, I require to calculate the psychrometric properties of air at various Temperature and humidity (no plotting). I want to use this library 'SI Psychrometric Chart' ( that a user has provided, but am not able to get the result. I tried checking the code, but I can't understand much. I need an opinion on how to use this library for calculating various psychrometric properties.
Leo Daniel

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 11 Feb 2021
Hi Leo,
SI Psychrometric Chart is one of the several submissions in MATLAB File Exchange on MATLAB Central which is a forum for our product users to interact, exchange information and knowledge, without MathWorks' involvement.
Feel free to contact the author of this submission – Muhammad Tauha Ali - directly for specific questions about the implementation
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Leo Daniel
Leo Daniel on 11 Feb 2021
Thank you Felix. I did try contacting Muhammad, but to no avail. I hoped someone in the forum might know.

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