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sqlite foreign key constraint not enforced

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 4 Feb 2021
Answered: Jeff Miller on 12 Feb 2021
My question is how to get MATLAB's sqlite databases to enforce foreign key constraints.
Here is a minimal working example illustrating what I thought should work, but does not (I am new to this stuff, so maybe I am making an obvious error):
dbFile = 'fkcheck.db';
conn = sqlite(dbFile, 'create');
% exec(conn,'PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON'); % Enabling this line makes no difference
% Create an 'artist' table; later, a foreign key will reference this table.
sCreateTbl1 = 'CREATE TABLE artist(artistid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, artistname TEXT)';
% Create a 'track' table with a foreign key referencing the artist ID in the artist table
sCreateTbl2 = ['CREATE TABLE track(trackid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, trackname TEXT, '...
'trackartist INTEGER, FOREIGN KEY(trackartist) REFERENCES artist(artistid))'];
% Load an artist into the artist table, just so it is not empty.
insert(conn,'artist',{'artistname'},{'Pink Floyd'});
% Load a track into the track table.
% This insert should fail because it gives a non-existent value of the foreign key (77).
% But the insert does not fail, and the resulting track table has
% a row with trackartist=77.
insert(conn,'track',{'trackname','trackartist'},{'Money', 77});
I found this link to a similar question from 2016. The answer says there was a bug in the Database Toolbox R2015b, but the work-around suggested there fails with 2020a (Database Toolbox Version 9.2.1) because 'conn' has no 'Handle' property.
So, how can I get MATLAB's sqlite databases to enforce foreign key constraints?

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 12 Feb 2021
In case anyone else is interested, here is the answer from MATLAB technical support:
This [is] a bug in executing PRAGMA queries using 'exec()'.
We will be working on this issue to resolve this bug for the upcoming future releases.
However, there is a workaround for this issue:




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