Is it possible to change a workspace value during simulation?

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I have a variable defined as scope parameter inside stateflow and i defined the value of that parameter in workspace. While running, shall i able to pause the simulation and change the value in workspace?

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 19 Apr 2013
Yes, that should be possible as long the the parameter is marked as tunable (which it is by default, I think). You will need to run Ctrl+D on the model or set_param('modelname', 'SimulationCommand', 'update') after changing the workspace value to ensure that Simulink notices the new value.
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Jaydip Davara
Jaydip Davara on 11 Jun 2019
set_param('modelname', 'SimulationCommand', 'update') is not working for me. Do you any other suggestions/idea that could help me do this task?

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Sysenso Systems
Sysenso Systems on 20 Apr 2013
If you want to make the change without updating the model, you may need to set "add_exec_event_listener" to the block which has the tunable parameter and you can change the value through a callback. Please read >> help add_exec_event_listener.

Moussaoui Aghiles
Moussaoui Aghiles on 28 Dec 2020
HiI have a problem I can not get the desired value with 'to workspace', or instead of having 3 value I find 51 mrc


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