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How to skip file in imageDatastore.ReadFcn?

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I have folder with dicom files (.dcm). Some of them are images (with size MxNx3), some of them are videos (MxNx3xnumOfFrames). I would like to use imageDatastore to read images only.
I tried this:
imds = imageDatastore('pathToDicoms','FileExtensions',{'.dcm'},'ReadFcn',@ImageLoader);
function imgOut = ImageLoader(path)
imgOut = dicomread(path);
imgOut = [];
But it return empty matrix insead of ommiting the file.
How to skip file in read fuction?
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John on 18 Nov 2022
Edited: John on 18 Nov 2022
I used this and worked well:
exts = ".dcm";
readimgFcn = @(x)int16(dicomread(x));
imds = imageDatastore(datafiles,FileExtensions=exts,ReadFcn=readimgFcn);
Hope this helps.

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Accepted Answer

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 25 Jan 2021
The only way to do this is to remove the files from the Files list on the ImageDatastore, or make a copy of this dataset which contains only the images, and not the videos.
If there's any way to tell what the contents are from the file name, or file metadata using dicominfo(filename), you might have an easier time splitting them out.

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